Posted by: nflanders | September 5, 2008

They just won’t give up

While I can admire determination and doggedness, there comes a point when it’s just creepy.

We moved into our house three years ago. It has an outdoor pool, which we thought was going to be great, but has turned out to be the bane of my existence. We are currently saving up the $5,000 it will cost to tear it out. Anyway, ever since we moved in, we’ve gotten the following catalogue a couple times each summer, addressed to a former resident:

I mean, really? It’s been 14 years since the last order. Forrest Gump was the number one movie at the box office and the Lion King soundtrack was the number one album in the country on September 10, 1994. I was still in high school.

The ten dollar coupon offer clearly isn’t cutting it. It may be time to give up on this customer!



  1. Hi there! Nice ta see you…

    I can’t believe that pool company has been keeping records like that since 14 years ago…at least. Wow. That’s some tenacious personalised marketing.

    How are ya?

  2. Oy. That is intense. I wonder how much they’ve spent on those flyers over the years. Probably more than $10.

  3. Wow. I am impressed, Wry and Craig. I am going to create a commenter hall of fame and put the two of you in it! After months of inactivity, and you are responding like I never went away! Nice!

    Wry, I am great, thank you. A little sleep deprived, but otherwise fine.

    Craig, good point. I’d like to total up just the postage cost for 14 years and see what that adds up to. I guess they get the bulk rate, but still.

  4. still indeed.

  5. My brother just filled his in, added a nice layer of top soil and planted a garden.

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